New pilot trained in 19 days

Congratulations to Remi Bloch, for getting his ULL pilot license in 19 consecutive days! 4 of them were non-flying days, when we only did theory. Remi's priority was quality intensive flight training in English, and he wanted a full time instructor available as needed... We flew the Tecnam P 2002 Sierra from Jihlava, Částkovice and Trebic for a total of 30 hours and 30 minutes. I wish Remi many flying experiences and the possibility of further growth up to the cockpit of a transport pilot.

Remi, like Renda, who did the training for 38 days, are proof that quality pilot training can be done very quickly.  How quickly quality pilot training can be mastered depends on many circumstances: on the pilot school, on the instructor, on the school's aircraft,  on the weather  and of course most of all on you, how willing you are to learn and how often you go for training, or if you choose intensive daily training at LKJI. More is covered in several articles on the Blog:

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Many people, including flight instructors, don't realize enough that a client's time is also their money.   In addition, long flying breaks of more than a week are counterproductive and multiply reduce the pilot's ability to follow up on given and practiced flying tasks.Thus, training with breaks becomes unnecessarily longer and more expensive!


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