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          During my 18 years of experience as a pilot flying from short and complex runways, as aircraft repairman, as a flight instructor, test pilot, aircraft builder, engine conversion builder, and in-flight adjustable propeller builder, as well as being the owner and manager of a hangar and flying area, I have gathered a lot of valuable information. Some of which has not been published before, at least not in such a comprehensive way. I have tried to cover all aspects of small and ultralight aviation from A to Z and sorted everything into several books.

I wrote these books for my son with the hope that one day he might get bored of his computer and turn his attention to airplanes, hangars, and flying heights. And when that happens, he'll have a kind guide in these books and be able to draw on my many years of experience. For now, I hope the books will serve you well."

         These books are exceptional in that they describe only practically verified procedures, knowledge, and piloting skills. This will save you a lot of money because you won't have to navigate blind alleys that I myself have traversed in the past. Thanks to these books, you will have a ready-made map of a pre-established route. They contain the results of my tens of thousands of hours of research into new flying techniques, aircraft improvements, building more powerful engines, and experiments with adjustable propellers. In addition to valuable materials and direct instructions on how to build an aircraft engine and convert a propeller, these books will also save you a lot of time and energy for your loved family.

         The books are paid for and offer tremendous added value, allowing you to achieve the same or even better results than I have. The paid of the books will be supplemented with new knowledge, wiring diagrams, manufacturing drawings from me, and the emerging community with the same goal of building and legally operating aircraft and engines, including in-flight adjustable propellers, which are cheaper and more powerful than those offered by manufacturers around the world!

        Filip Zejda.

E-book: Pilot Training


The book "Pilot Training" is a guide to pilot training, where you are not presented with just one available service, but the best possible service or combination of the best services. Based on a…
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E-book: "Flying Freely in Nature or the Handbook of Czech Bush Pilots"


  The book provides you with everything you could and would like to know about flying freely outside of published airports, about flying and landing in nature. We will talk about "any other…
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E-book: Build your own aircraft engine with a power output of 120 to 140…


  E-book - a paid license for a work for one person. Introductory price of  100  EUR This book provides you with a detailed description of the development and production of a…
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E-book: "Build Your Own In-Flight Adjustable Propeller"


  Paid e-book with a license for one person. The book will guide you through the production of adjustable two-bladed and three-bladed propellers, as I have produced or converted them. You will…
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E-book: Oil Pyrolytic Vortex Burner 10-40kW with a Blue Flame Burning Only High…


  E-book on how to make, operate, and maintain an oil-based eco-friendly burner. The book includes a "Production Manual" with production schematics and an "Operation and Maintenance…
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