Services of the flight school.

Do you want to fly and experience the world from a bird's-eye perspective? We offer a comprehensive pilot training for ultralight (ULL) and ELSA aircraft pilots. For licensed pilots, we provide VFR flight training and a unique Bush Flying Training program. We will teach you how to fly.

Pilot training for Ultralight aircraft. Become a precise pilot of an ultralight aircraft. Fly freely and safely.

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VFR controlled flights.Fly to controlled airports and navigate unrestricted airspace.

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Bush flying training

A unique training program exclusively for experienced pilots.

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Retraining for tailwheel aircraft

 Learn how to perfectly handle tailwheel aircraft.

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Winter flying training with skis

Flying with skis in winter has its specificities. We will teach you how to master them.  ​

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Ultralight aircraft rental.

Ultralight aircraft rental.      

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