Controlled VFR flights

Training for VFR (Visual Flight Rules) controlled flights is perfect for pilots holding a valid ULL(a) or ELSA pilot's license who want to fly to controlled airports and fly through controlled airspace or military zones during their aviation excursions. It can be said that if you fly for work and business meetings, this qualification is a necessity that will not only save you time but also the expenses incurred during your flights.

Minimum requirements for course admission include:

Valid ULL(A) pilot's license
Valid medical examination
Valid radio operator certificate for aeronautical mobile service and insurance for damage caused by the operator of the aircraft of at least 200,000.CZK it cost 200EUR.

Accomodation: For traveling pilots, there is a possibility of year-round accommodation with a bar and WiFi in the environment of airplanes and pilots that I have already taught to fly. So, you will have the opportunity to have grilled meat and wine in the evening or to get further answers to questions from my pilot students anytime during the day, even if I am not physically at the airport.

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