Free flying in nature or pilot's handbook. E-book.

     Dear friends, pilots, and enthusiasts of free flying and free movement in space. For all of you curious beings, I have prepared a paid e-book that discusses everything you could and would like to know about free flying outside of published airports, flying and landing in nature, and taking off.

     We will talk about what "any other surface" means, and we will get acquainted with the laws, regulations, and interpretation of this topic.

     You will learn how to modify the aircraft for much higher performance and shorter landings and takeoffs, even on snow and ice.

     You will find out how to improve piloting techniques on already modified aircraft, but also how to do it on serially manufactured planes.


    You will have the opportunity to choose whether to make your own surfaces and build your own hangars, or just tents and what is needed for that, or what is more suitable for whom. I will explain to you how to legally fly longer in one day and make the most efficient use of all the time.

     In short, you will get a comprehensive guide - a pilot's handbook, where I will pass on all my 18-year experience in this area, plus the perspective of a flying instructor, test pilot, and builder of self-made airplanes with several types of converted car engines and large diameter adjustable propellers.

     The book is supplemented with many links to stories that actually happened to me, for better and more descriptive understanding of the issues. Video tutorials will show you the described piloting skills in practice and aircraft modification.

     The book contains mostly my own photos from my aviation and workshop life, which my son David helped me adjust and my daughter Šárka made collages of.

     I wish you a pleasant reading and self-study in this area, which has been little explored and described so far.

I am currently translating the book for you.

Filip Zejda


E- book: Free flying in nature or pilot's handbook.

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