Filip Zejda flight instruktor, check pilot, aircraft builder

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Education and skills

  • Engineering construction at hight school SPŠS Jihlava with graduation
  • Superstructure trained car mechanic, focus drives,  engines, motors, gearboxes
  • Aircraft builder
  • ATPL course - flying academy Prague with passed exam before civil aviation authority UCL
  • ULL / PPL pilot
  • Test pilot
  • Pilot instructor - moore than 50 pilots trained
  • Basics of English  - pased exams ICAO level 4. three pilots trained in English (trained four foreign pilots Russia, Turkey, Poland, Suriname).
  • Flying PPL and ULL since 2005, instructor since 2009, total flight time 4500+ hours


  • Construction of engines, reducers, propellers and aircraft. Modifications of aircraft to STOL and SUPRSTOL characteristics.
  • Modifications of aircraft to STOL and SUPRSTOL characteristics.
  • Pilot training aimed at handling critical situations adapted to the pilot's psyche
  • Flying:take-offs and landings in difficult conditions and flying on skis.


  • Construction of own landing area 2000 ft AMSL TORA 236 m.
  • Construction of a steel building 10x16m with a bi-fold door.
  • Building your own service for repairs and modifications of aircraft.
  • Reconstruction and overhaul of the Yetti -J 03  tail dragger aircraft, installation of the R 912 S engine.
  • Conversion and installation of the car engine VW 1.4 16V 74kW into the aircraft Yetti J-03.
  • Overhaul of the P 2002 Sierra aircraft.
  • production of skis on YETTI J-03 for  tail wheel  aircraft.
  • Conversion and installation of the 1.2 TSI CBZB direct injected an tubocharged engine with 140HP / 210Nm  into the Yetti J-03 SUPERSTOL aircraft.
  • Production and construction of the DREAMTRAINER FZ STOL 600kg aircraft conversion and improvement of flight characteristics and performance parameters for aircraft based on the Bristell aircraft and NG 4 VIA Rokoaero.
  • Conversion and installation of the 1.2 TSI engine(120HP) into the DREAMTRAINER FZ aircraft.
  • Flight of advanced ultralight aircraft 600kg with other propulsion units and propellers.
  • Overhaul of the second Tecnam P 2002 Sierra aircraft and installation of the R 912 ULS engine
  • production and conversion in flight adjustable three-bladed carbon propeller with a diameter of 2080 mm.
  • Flight tests of own converted propellers and engines.
  • Two books for pilots: "Pilot training" and "Free flying in nature or the Czech bush pilot's handbook"
     Publishing activities on aviation websites and
  • e-book for aircraft builders: Build your own aircraft engine. paid book
  • e-book for in flight adjustable propelers: Build your in flight adjustable propeller.paid e-book




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