Pilot training e-book

      From my fifteen years of experience as a flight instructor, specializing in emergency and safety landings, I have prepared an electronic book for you that could serve as a basic guide for pilot training...

It is intended for beginner pilots and pilots currently undergoing basic training for ultralight (ULL) as well as partially higher (LAPL and PPL) GA pilot licenses.

     You will learn about flight training centers, aviation schools, and flying clubs and how they differ from each other and what you can expect and what may surprise you...

     We will also describe the different types of instructors with their advantages and disadvantages and discuss the experiences, will, and determination of beginner instructors.

    You will read about how to effectively master pilot training without exhaustion and truly enjoy it!

    We will discuss which airplanes are suitable for pilot training and why. We will find out which ones are not suitable and unnecessarily increase the cost and complexity of pilot training.

    You will discover various options on how different schools charge for pilot training in flight, engine, or hobbs hours. This is preparation for you to be able to refuse unnecessarily expensive pilot training with low added value!

    We will take a closer look at safety landings, and you will learn that almost every flying inspector has a somewhat different opinion and requirements - this is to find the unifying elements that all inspectors require and learn how to successfully pass pilot skill tests.

    We will stop and discuss, in two chapters, all the options for emergency landings, of which I personally have had over a dozen and from which I was able to learn from each one.

    We will also mention the phenomenon of pilot freezing, which most commonly occurs in basic pilot training and continuing bush pilot training, but also affects commercial and military pilots.

     We will discuss the specifics of the female approach to flying and communication.

    We will conduct a pre-flight check with a charming instructor.

    Finally, we can watch video clips from pilot training and read about how full pilot training can be completed in case of a combination of many circumstances in just an incredible 15 days.

    The book is richly illustrated with photographs and contains many links to videos on the given topic.

    I wish you, dear beginner pilots and pilots in training, many great experiences from the stories that actually happened and also finding answers to your curious questions..."

Autor: Filip Zejda

 E- book: Pilot training




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