Aircraft rental service

VYSOČINA Aviation School rents high-performance aircraft primarily to its clients from basic training and those pilots who have completed bush pilot training. We rent aircraft to other pilots after retraining on the type and after testing their piloting skills to the extent of a final pilot examination. If you encounter any difficulties, don't worry - we'll get you checked out!


valid ULL(A) pilot license
valid medical examination
insurance coverage for damage caused to the rented aircraft in the amount of at least 200,000 CZK
pilot skills assessment by an instructor

Aircraft available for rent:

Two TECNAM P2002 Sierra aircraft for rent.

The Tecnam P2002 Sierra is a two-seat all-metal Italian low-wing aircraft. Thanks to its perfect combination of aerodynamic properties, performance, and elegant design, it is the best among aircraft and is highly popular among pilots. The aircraft is equipped with a Rotax 912 ULS 100Hp engine, GPS with a 7-inch display, EFIS Garmin G5, and a hydraulic variable-pitch propeller Kašpar. The second Sierra has a 2-meter diameter adjustable propeller and can travel faster. Both Sierras can fly with an open cockpit. The aircraft endurance is 4 hours. Cruise speed is 150-210 km/h. Fuel consumption is 17-20 l/h.


A taildragger aircraft of classic truss construction covered with fabric. The aircraft is equipped with a Škoda 1.2 TSI engine producing 120 HP. It is suitable for recreational and competition flying, with flaperons that greatly increase its maneuverability. The airplane has SuperSTOL capabilities thanks to a solid spring-loaded undercarriage with large wheels featuring a prominent tire tread design, high power output, a 2.1m diameter propeller, and hydraulic brakes. It can take off from 35 meters and land within 80 meters. It also has skis for winter operations. Endurance is 3 hours with a fuel consumption of 8-15 liters per hour. The aircraft has a rescue parachute system.


A highly capable ultralight aircraft weighing 600kg, with STOL capabilities and a cruising speed of 220 km/h. The aircraft is based on the NG-6 VIA, but with significant modifications and improvements to the original design. The 1.2 TSI engine produces approximately 120HP and 220Nm. In flight, the hydraulic adjustable propeller has a diameter of 2060mm. The aircraft has manually deployable flaps that can be extended up to 50 degrees for more efficient landing. The enlarged and contoured rudder allows for quicker control response, especially at low speeds. The aircraft has a fuel capacity of 120 liters, providing a range of approximately 1500-2000Km. The cockpit is very spacious and comfortable, and can be slid back for open-air flying up to 140 km/h. This aircraft is for experienced and carefully trained pilots.

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