Price list 2023

​All services prices: valid from March 1, 2023.

Basic ULL pilot training:

We charge only for flight hours1. The flight hour includes an instructor, fuel, aircraft, pre-flight preparation, and post-flight analysis. While elsewhere you may find prices without VAT and per engine hour 2, we state final prices in CZK including VAT

For payers, VAT can be applied.

Payment method.

Tecnam P2002 Sierra 100Hp


Yetti J-03 STOL   120Hp,

Bush wheel
Payment in advance for 20 flight hours + theory .100 EUR
Payment in advance 2 time 10 flight hours + theory.3105 EUR
85 EUR.
Payment after each flown hour110 EUR
90 EUR
Theory and landing fees for LKJI airport400 EUR


Aircraft rental (90-110EUR) depending on equipment and number of people on board.

Equipment: adjustable propeller in flight, rescue parachute system, EFIS G5, EFIS D-10, GPS, transponder, 1 headset, a maximum of 2 take-offs and landings in one hour, each additional take-off costs 100 CZK. Rental of additional headsets is 100 CZK. Second person on board is an additional 150 CZK. Landing fees outside of LKJI are paid by the pilot.

Advanced pilot training: 140 EUR per flight hour. For many reasons, it is not possible and is directly prohibited by the responsible authorities LAA, MD, UCL to train pilots in basic training with advanced piloting techniques and advanced skills in order to comply with the training curriculum, regulations, and training methodology. Training in additional skills beyond basic training will then be reflected in brilliant emergency landings and the ability to extract the maximum possible from the aircraft and oneself. Retraining for a type is according to the basic price list from the first table - payment after each flown hour. Landing fees outside of LKJI are paid by the pilot. A flat fee of 500 CZK is charged for the course at LKJI or 50 CZK per take-off.

Bush pilot training: 180EUR per flight hour. This is not a product of Letecká Škola Vysočina s.r.o. and is a private initiative of Filip Zejda based on his current knowledge and acquired skills. Bush pilot training is suitable not only for users and owners of STOL and Superstol aircraft, but also for pilots who want to be able to take off and land in nature with a high-performance tailwheel aircraft. Training takes place at four different private "any other surfaces" outside of airports. Retraining to a different type is according to the basic rate from the first table - payment is due after each flown hour. Landing fees are free!

The cheapest flight prices for the general public:  89 EUR /60 minutes of flight,  or 50 EUR/ 30minutes of flight

1. Flying with cost-sharing for one person, with prior training, followed by a flight of 1 or 1/2 hour. The choice of aircraft depends on the weather and the flight conditions. Public flights are carried out for the purpose of promoting small aviation and recruiting pilots for training. These are not classic "sightseeing flights" for three or more people. Exceptionally, for operational reasons, it is possible to fly with children with prior consent of their legal representatives, for a minimum of 15 minutes at a price of 30 EUR for at least two consecutive flights. The price includes one takeoff and landing.

2.The flight hour is calculated from the takeoff of the aircraft, from entering the RWY for takeoff to leaving the RWY for taxiing. You only pay for the time you spend in the air! The price also  not includes minutes for engine preheating in winter, starting the engine, warming up the engine, ignition testing, engine testing, taxiing .

 3.For the "2 x 10 hours" payment, the first installment is due upon registration and the second installment is due after flying an additional ten hours.

Prices are including VAT and are valid for October 2022. Letecká Škola Vysočina s.r.o. reserves the right to change prices without prior notice due to fuel prices and other inputs such as maintenance work, landing fees, etc."

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